June Schamp, a subtle energy healer, shares a unique and powerful guide that introduces a new concept that our bodies are more than just matter. She provides revolutionary tools, tips and practices that invite us to achieve and preserve optimal health through drinking structured water, managing our emotions, scanning our body’s energy field and time spent observing and embracing our natural world. Through the consistent practice of water wellness, energy wellness, and emotional wellness routines, Schamp teaches others how to:

  • create a roadmap focused on healthy eating, exercise, and communing with nature;
  • utilize revolutionary technologies and tools to structure water, engage the heart’s intuition and scan the body’s energy-field; and
  • receive a sacred energy infusion that recodes unhealthy belief systems.

In this helpful guide, an energy healer provides wisdom and tools that will help anyone take charge of their health, combat daily stressors, and ultimately transform their amazing body into one of optimum wellness in the comfort of their own home.